Cynthia Acosta-Post

VP of Affairs

Cynthia Acosta-Post is a CEO/entrepreneur in the Beauty/Cosmetic industry working on her brand and encouraging women to find peace and power in being themselves. She is from Carlsbad, NM (class of 1996), has been a sports mom for over 21 years and comes from a long line of softball/baseball players. Her mom was a pitcher in high school from 1972-1975 and both of her daughters play as well. One of them plays internationally for ABSA. When she is not working on her brand, she loves to cook for her family and spend quality time with her kids. ``Cooking is my love language and my kids know when they come to town, I'm going to have something super good on the stove. So I have to cook in bulk so they can take some home in ziplock bags!``